When you log in to TouchBase, you will enter the same user name you have for Parent Portal; however you will enter your last name as your new password. The password will be case sensitive, so type your last name beginning with a capital letter. For those who use a hyphenated last name, type your last name in as you normally would (example: Jones-Wilson or Jones Wilson). If you are unable to log in to TouchBase, please call 445-5000 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How is this site different than my Parent Portal?

A – The Parent Portal connects you to student records related to grades, food service balances, class schedules, etc. We do not track student fines/fees, or sell items through the Parent Portal.

Q – How can I purchase items which are available to my students?

A - Click the "Your Students" button. Select a student from your list. On the right of the page, selectProducts available to Your Student" from the list of links. This will take you to a page displaying only products available to the selected student.

Q – How do I pay open fines/fees for my child?

A - Click the "Your Students" button. Select a student from your list. On the right of the page, select "View Open Fines" from the list of links. Click the checkboxes of the fines you’d like to pay, and click the "Pay Selected Fines" button. The fines you have chosen will be added to your shopping cart.

Q – I tried to log on with no success.

A -
* Make sure your last name is capitalized in the password field
* If you are viewing this site in Internet Explorer, version 10, make sure the browser's compatibility mode is turned ON (click the broken page icon)
* If you recently signed up for a parent portal account, please allow the system 24 hours to update
* If you are a district employee, you will not be able to access TouchBase under your Parent Portal account information. If you have a spouse, you can use his/her log on to make online payments on your student account.